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Are Broncos reliable DST ROS?


I just grabbed them for free off waivers. My other D is the Saints who had a nice run but haven’t been great the last couple weeks. Broncos have a nice schedule but I’m not sure what exactly that means for this team.


The Broncos have been pretty terrible all year, but they haven’t had the easiest matchups to this point, and they definitely have the potential. I like them if there aren’t any better options out there. I wouldn’t play them this week if you can manage it, at least so you can have a week to see if they can play well with a decent matchup (even without Aqib). I almost picked them up as well, but luckily a non-playoff bound team grabbed them instead.


Well I currently own the Saints who have Carolina this week. And then the next best team on my wire is Miami. So I’m basically down to deciding who’s offense will do worse, Broncos or Miami?