Are Chubb or Ronald jones worth a stash?

.5 ppr 12 man league, are these two worth a stash?

Chubb 100 percent. I own Hyde and I locked down that backfield the moment Mayfield took over.

Jones might be an okay start this week. He got 10 carries last game and should catch a couple of passes. If you are in a bad spot and need a rb.

Jones yeah, he has a shot to take over that backfield, even though its more because the other RBs suck.

Chubb no unless you are the Hyde owner. He’s literally never got more than 3 carries in a game, he’s just a handcuff.

Im kinda wondering if Chubb eventually could see a rise in carries simply because Hyde’s YPC isn’t all that great…? Not like Duke Johnson is going to do anything besides catch passes.

That’s what a stash is Dan Jones has a clearer path, but Chubb is one injury away from being a RB2 at minimum the rest of the year. You stash that kind of talent if you can.

Not really, I never see Chubb having any value unless there is an injury to Hyde, who doesn’t have any injury concerns right now. There are 92 running backs that have touched the ball more than Chubb this season and he saw no increased workload after his massive 2 TD game, which is completely damning.

If I’m stashing handcuffs just hoping for injuries I’d much rather have Spencer Ware, John Kelly, etc. There are like 15 guys that are 1 injury from being an RB2.

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I don’t agree with Ware > Chubb, but I get that given better offense. He’s the last spot on my bench and I have a reason to have him. If you are in good shape and have limited options remaining like virtually everyone in a 12+ team league and can hold a guy like this you do it just based on talent. If you need someone to help you win this week then obviously this is not the guy for you, but it doesn’t matter if Hyde or anyone else is healthy right now. It’s the rb position. Look how many were healthy at the start of camp and how many have been seriously injured since. That possibility is always there and it’s a lot better to have a backup plan than to have to spend extra FAAB or hope you can hold a good waiver priority just in case.

Yeah that’s fair if you’ve got the spot.

The reason for my take is that I don’t really think fantasy football is about talent. It’s about opportunity. My general approach is to find the guys with the most opportunity, THEN within that pool of players take the most talented. So for me I’d rather hold onto guys like RoJo, Latavius Murray, Smallwood, Mack/Hines, etc with my last bench spots. Do I think Chubb is more talented than probably all those players? Yep. But I also think he has way worse opportunity.

If Hyde gets hurt you look like a genius, but if he doesn’t Chubb appears to be able to do almost nothing to increase his value on his own. Last week I was much more into a Chubb stash, as it seemed he should carve out an increased role based on his massive game, instead it didn’t materialize and the coaches gave Hyde 19 more touches.

I agree to an extent. It’s talent + opportunity. If guys with opportunity are left then go with that, but at RB there aren’t a lot of guys that have that amount of talent that would be getting 20 carries a game (Hydes workload) if Hyde were hurt. I only have one loss and have a spot I can afford to lockup that backfield. When byes happen I might have to make a hard choice between keeping him or someone with potential current value. That will be a tough choice, but until I see what happens with Conner (as an owner) then I need to have that Browns backfield locked down pretty desperately.

Oh yeah totally different story if you are the Hyde owner!
My comments were mostly directed towards him alone, he gets added value if you have Hyde as well.

Yeah. Just saying I don’t mind rostering guys like that ‘just in case’ , kinda like the footballers say to do if you have an IR spot. So that you have them if your guy gets hurt during the game. We don’t have an IR spot so I’ve had to dedicate one spot on my roster to do something like that.

Neither is right or wrong.

I watched a lot of Sony and Chubb in the SEC and Chubb has RB1 potential, especially if he were to get same workload as Hyde. Hyde’s the veteran and has done well so I don’t think they will stray from him, but yeah the YPC hasn’t been the best.

I took a $2 flier on ROJO this past week given i think he will get the lead role this week against a trash atlanta defense. I dropped Chubb for him. I hate ROJO but I think he has a better opportunity to show something this week than Chubb. If he shows anything at all, I’m trading him away and picking chubb back up.


Mike puts it all together …

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After I became thin at the rb position, I happened to grab both rojo and barber off the waivers. I think I’d say rojo has the better chance to become the lead back than Chubb. And typically when Tampa commits to a back, they give 20+ touches a game even if it doesn’t work most of the time. The opportunity is worth rostering. Especially if he succeeds.

Do you think the pass - run splits change any with Winston at QB? The line has been so bad and they haven’t been able to run. Some of that is Barber’s fault but not all. Also that’s not to say RB on bad teams don’t have fantasy value, usually the best ones are on winning teams, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

Well if he becomes the lead back and also draws the targets out of the backfield, since Simms is no longer with the team and they aren’t committed to jaquizz for pass catching duties. And while I know a lot of people are down on rojo from the start, including the coaching staff for making him inactive to start the year, it’s worth a shot. Who knows, he could exceed expectations if given the opportunity. There aren’t many, if any, rbs on the waiver that have a legit shot at having a role that large. But yea, the bet is to hope for a back end rb2, or like mike said, wait for a blowup game, against Atlanta is perfect, and pair him with someone else to a weak team who buys into the oppportunity or has a need, for a slight upgrade.

Yeah he’s terrible at catching the ball. Oh I agree he could be a flex or someone thats short handed at rb needs to get through a tough spot. Those guys are valuable. I remember using guys like Bryce Brown a few years back in a similar situation.

Maybe they change a bit cause Fitz was a better passer than winston but not by much. End of the day, that Oline cannot run block. Winston/ROJO won’t change that which is why i give any back in the backfield very little chance to suceed.

Problem with ROJO is he can’t catch worth a shit. That’s why i hated him coming out of college. He is a 1 cut back that relied on being a better athlete than competition in college with no vision. And they still got Jaquizz who can catch better than him. And then they’ll use barber on goal line cause he’s too small for goal line duties.

I’m just hoping this game, they get him the ball in space one time and he takes it to the house. As soon as that happens, all the pre-season ROJO truthers will come out of the wood works and say “YEAH THAT’S WHAT HE CAN DO. HE’S LIKE BARKLEY, ANY GIVEN PLAY” at which point I will click the sell button before you can say the word sell and trade him for anything of value.

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