Are LIONS D/ST worth keeping for playoffs?

So, right now im streaming D/STs and also stashing the lions because they have a good playoff schedule: WK14 - @ ARI, WK15 - @BUF. WK16 - vs MIN(im not planning on keeping them for the championship week). But they’re so bad that im having second thoughts…
Options i could get instead:
Colts (WK14 - @ HOU, WK15 - vs DAL, WK16 - vs NYG)
Titans (WK14 - vs JAX, WK15 - @NYG, WK16 vs WAS)

Also ravens and Cardinals are available on the waivers, im trying to get one of them for the next two weeks, but i need to decide who i want for the playoffs. Im 7-3, leading my division.

can someone shine a light on this situation for me? i have 30minutes to choose who to put a claim on

You can’t get Den?? They have a great schedule for weeks 14-16

is taken unfortunately. The only good options really are titans, colts and lions

Fade the Colts.

I don’t like Lions defense until they figure their offense back out. They lost Tate and Jones banged up his knee. It’s been ugly on the o side of the ball.

Ravens or Titans out of what you have listed.

thanks, picked up the titans for the playoffs, and going with the cardinals this week against the raiders