Are my wide receivers good enough?

So I play in a 14 team super flex league 1/2 ppr that starts that starts the following positions:
1 qb
2 wr
2 rb
1 te
1 super flex

I tried a little different strategy this year due to it being 14 teams, super flex. I figured wr is pretty deep and decided to really wait on them. I ended up with the following starting roster:
Qb - Watson
RBs- cook and Carson
Te - Howard
Flex - Wentz

This left my wide receiver core as follows: Godwin, Robby Anderson, josh Gordon, sterling shepherd, donte Moncrief

I feel like I have some upside there., but did I make the right call? I have another similar drafting and wondering if I should wait on wr (how the draft goes permitting)

I wouldn’t be very confident with godwin as my wr1. I like him, but I can’t see him being the top wr on my team. I probably would have taken a wr at the point you took one of your qbs and would wait on a 2nd qb. I tend to wait longer than most for qbs, even in superflex

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I like the idea based on you format…
Lots of upside but it’s a high risk high reward roster, Godwin, Howard, Gordon need to step up and stay on the field (Howard/Gordon).

I think Watson, Wentz, Cook and Carson will do a job for you. If Gordon and Anderson go off, possible with their schedule and possible useage I may be tempted to trade up using them if you can

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I think you did a great job. In a 14 team superflex league you are not going to get out of the draft without a couple of warts. You’re solid to exceptional at every other position, and I like Robby and Godwin to produce solid wr2 numbers for you. Good job :+1:

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