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Are people Jumping Ship on Martavis?


Marty owner in my League just dropped him to pick up Kenny G. I’m going to pick him up but are people down on Martavis???


It was just week 1, people always overreact. I think he still has a lot of potential and a high upside. I do worry that he will be boom or bust though.


Do not over react to week 1. Remember he has not played for an entire season so anyone that expected him to put up huge numbers last week was not being realistic. Grab him and keep him on your bench for a couple weeks. I think he will round into form very soon. Having the #2 WR in an offense that is as potent as Pitt is a very good thing


Still got 6 targets. A few of them deep. I’d definitely pick him up off the wire just for his potential.


Grab him, that’s ridiculous.