Are people trading for Ajayi?

Are people trading for Jay Ajayi? If so, what does the trade you’re proposing look like? If not, thoughts on his rest of season outlook?

I’m high on him. I don’t think you give him the start against Denver’s top Run D but he has a bye which gives him two weeks to prepare for Dallas which I think favors him. I don’t think they’d bring him in to not be the workhorse. I’m thinking 2014 Bell/Blount combo in Steelers a few years ago except were seeing Ajayi/Blount (all speculation, playing the high risk high reward game).

I’m looking at my team and I’d probably have to trade McCaffrey (packaged with someone, I’m thinking Cooper) and I’d be starting Doug Martin and Marlon Mack the next two weeks in half PPR.

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts!

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Yes, I just got him for AP and Demaryus Thomas.

I traded him away. Mostly because I need an RB2 this week and next week with Bell and Hunt having bye weeks. I would not have minded stashing him, but there is still some uncertainty and risk.

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Im not big on Ajayi but if you like him i would try and trade for him. I would try and trade Martin instead of McCaffrey especially in PPR

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@Guinness love that trade.

@Kroutonn that’s completely fair. He’s a stash for sure.

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@LuccasG it’ll be interesting to see how the backfield shakes up. Not trying to convince you but here’s my thinking with Opponents after the bye week 10 (Run D rank): Dal(17), Chi(18), Sea(6), LAR(31), NYG(14), OAK(25). I like those numbers for the most part. Behind a mostly solid line i find that exciting for someone who does well when he gets a head of steam.

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If you look at Ajayi’s game logs from last season you will see his RB1 performances all came when his O-line was healthy. When someone got injured Ajayi had bad games. The Eagles O-line injured is better than Miami’s when it is 100% healthy.

This is a big systems upgrade for Ajayi, a gamble still…yes, yes it is. I want him because his upside is 200+ yds and multiple TDs per game. Maybe he only does it in 2 or 3 games, but if one of those games is a playoff matchup you set yourself up for an easy win.