Are the Jags D/ST droppable at this point?

So I’m in a league where there’s no negative points. D/ST can only accumulate points. Lowest they can get is a 0.

Jacksonville is ranked 29th in that league and on my bench for the last 4 weeks as I’ve been streaming better options. Do I just cut ties and pickup a handcuff for one of my RB’s for the playoffs. Or pickup a different D/ST?

My other D I’ve been riding is KC who ranks 4th. The Broncos are available too with a favorable playoff schedule.

Currently 7-3 and in first place. Thanks for the advice/input
@MikeMeUpp thoughts?

I’m in a similar position. Luckily most of my league are bad at DST streaming and tend to stick usually one or two weeks too long with a DST. I’ve got the Jags stashed for week 12 (vs Bills) and i’m streaming the Cards this week vs Oakland.

Based on my current waiver wire i’m doing the following, i’ll drop the Cards for the Titans next week, play the Jags vs the Bills then use the Titans for week 13 (NYJ) and week 14 (Jags). Week 15 is where it gets a bit messy, the Jags have Washington at home with their bad O line, the Titans have the Giants away with their bad team and the Broncos have the Browns at home.

The choice i have is in week 13 drop the Jags for the Broncos and hold them for week 16 when they get Oakland and trust the Titans to do a decent job against NYG. If i don’t like it, the Lions are out there for use against the Bills in week 15 but that could depend on who their QB is. The alternative is to use the jags week 15 (WAS home) and week 16 (@MIA) and trust their talent to come good in too plus matchups for them really.

The reason i’m not grabbing the Broncos now is because they have the Chargers and the Steelers next and wont be of use.

Either way you need fill ins for this week, week 13 and week 14 in my view if you are holding the Jags and depending on what they look like you may not trust them against Washington in week 15 either.

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Appreciate that strategy insight. That’s really my problem is I don’t think I can trust them. Even in a league where they can’t get me any negative points. I’m playing KC against the Rams because they at least get sacks and cause turnovers. Similar reason the Broncos are interesting to me because it doesn’t matter if they give up 50 points, if they get a couple sacks and a pick or fumble I make out. Jags just don’t look good. I wouldn’t mind the points they give up but they can’t even produce more then 1 sack in a game or force any turnovers

That is a tough one, i’d maybe keep them until they play the Bills and drop them in that case after that game. If you really don’t think the Broncos will be available next week if someone stashes them then maybe just get them in now and find a solid streamer next week to replace the Chiefs if you don’t want to play the Broncos, would be good to keep KC as they get the Raiders in week 12.

Edit - my approach may differ slightly as i do have to contend with negative points, that’s why the Titans are interesting to me as they keep the points down and playing mostly weaker opponents they offer a safe play