Are there prior season stats in the UDK?

Big fan of the podcast, first year I’m considering buying the UDK, but it doesn’t mention having prior seasons stats in it. Are there prior season’s stats or prior season’s points for players in the UDK? (typically… I realize 2018 isn’t out yet)

Ideally like a player’s points per game (or average points) from the prior year. I find that to be more meaningful than total season points.


Hey @Dony150. It’s well worth it!

The UDK is focused on Fantasy Football for the upcoming season. As a part of that, last year they introduced the consistency percentages:

As a #FootClan member, when you donate to their Patreon, you can have access to the premium offerings like the consistency ranks:

I’m excited to see what they come up with this year. Should be great!