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Are these players droppable?


I have Larry Fitzgerald Devante adams and Will Fuller all 3 as u kno lost their starting QBs…I’m getting barely any contribution now from them and they holding valuable roster spots…I can’t get shit for them if I trade them either…wat do I do??? Btw this is a ppr league…


Adams seems to be getting targets and receptions so for ppr he seems to be best of the group. Fitz with Stanton I think is decent and there is a chance Fitz continues to see targets moving forward. I have Fuller as well, I am thinking of dropping him for a WR on the rise. Houstons defense is not great anymore and with Tom Savage passing I think in ppr you can part ways with Fuller. I like Anderson, Davis, Lockett/Richardson, Robert Woods and Corey Davis as WR that might be available


Yea I have Robbie Anderson but all the rest u mentioned r already taken unfortunately…


I’d definitely not be dropping Adams. But id be trying to package trade fitz and fuller together for someone like, k. Benjamin, Shepard, or djax


Yea I can try for benji not sure about Shepard wit all this talk giants may bench Eli now…


Oh I hear you. Those guys were just some examples of the tier of wr you could get. Maybe even ginn or woods.


Yea figures I was eyeing woods last week with Anderson but bitched out…