Are these trades you would make?

Drafted yesterday. 2 possible trades in the works. This is my roster, in a 12 team .5 ppr redraft league

Qb: mahomes
Rbs: DJ, D. Freeman, j howard, jamaal williams, burkhead, carson
Wrs: A Rob, Cooks, C. Davis, dez
Te, Dst,K: kittle, saints, crosby

I’m considering a trade for Wilson giving Burkhead or possibly Chris Carson

I’m also considering a trade for Amari giving Davis and one of Cooks or A Rob

I’m leaning towards making both trades but also think I might just sit tight for a bit. I patricularly think the wilson/burkhead trade to be a steal. I appreciate your thoughts!

I would definitely take Wilson for either of those guys you mentioned.

I would probably not do the second pick. Even though I have Cooper ranked well above both of those guys, you don’t really have the depth to make that trade. You already have pretty significant problems at WR cause looks like you went triple RB to start the draft. If you get wilson, would try and package Mahomes to a KC homer + one of your WRs to upgrade.

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Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of going rb heavy at the start, but that’s just the way the draft fell to me. I rolled with the best players available to me and the first three happened to be rbs. The downside is that I’m weak at WR (the reason I took a shot at dez in the second to last round just on the slim offchance he lands somewhere good and performs). I’m definitely leaning towards taking Wilson as I don’t trust Mahomes blindly and he has a tough starting schedule. I still think that an Amari, A Rob/Cooks tandem might be more reliable and give more upsdd than the three receivers I have now. The trade you propose with packaging Mahomes might work and I actually think is a very clever idea. Thanks!