Are we forgiving and forgetting jujus year? Dynasty

Doing a dynasty start up and questioning to go with juju, Godwin or Julio

I would narrow the decision to JuJu Smith-Schuster or Chirs Godwin. Is this a second round pick?

Age at the start of the 2020 season:
Godwin = 24
Smith-Schuster = 23
Jones = 31

That said, the win now strategy would be to draft Julio. The only one of the three with a consistent QB for 2020 (as of now). Is there a possibility he falls back to you in the draft?

Yes my second pick, all 3 fell to me!

But i drafted tyreek round 1, should i seal my wrs with Julio or go with a running back in Jacobs or Gordon??

I personally would lean towards WR. Likely JuJu. But that it more of a personal preference choosing WR over RB.

Jacobs seems more like an early round 3 pick and my guess would be Gordon should drop to round 3 or later.

Out of curiosity would you be willing to post a screen shot of players drafted so far?

If you got Tyreek I think you’re in a pretty good “win now” position so I’d go Julio especially cause the Raiders are a huge ? in the next few months and Julio is about as steady as it gets.

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Doesn’t really answer your question, but I recently traded Devante Adams and a late 2nd for Godwin and Schuster. People are down on him, but I definitely am not. Any serviceable QB play should help him out.

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If I had to pick one I’d go with Godwin, Arians loves the slot receiver. So he could be a value for years to come. Jones is getting on the older side, but is still pumping the numbers for a team, if you take him, you’ll have to replace him sooner.