Are we worried about David Johnson?

It’s only two weeks in, but the Cards offence is terrible.

My league does one keeper per. I had Johnson from two years ago, was my keeper last year, benched him in a league with no IR for this season.

Should I be worried? Should I offer DJ to the Lev Bell owner?

I’m going to crack open this delicious sour and try not to make rash decisions.

I’m definitely worried. It would be naive to just ignore it. It’s not that I’m worried about DJ the player, I am worried about the coaching and play calling. They are not using him as a WR at all which is just inexcusible. He is the teams best WR. I’m not hitting panick yet because they played vs a couple of pretty decent teams and this last game vs rams, was always going to be a blowout.

I want to give it a couple more weeks.

I was tongue in cheek writing this post.

I’ve held him this long, and have quality at the position, so I will try and keep warm while he is ice.

That offence is scary though, how do you not integrate him in more in the passing game. Hell, line him up out there.

They’re going to be in a losing situation so often that the risk is much higher than the reward.

Its just ridiculous and painful to watch.

2 targets!! are you frickin kidding me

First off yes I know the whole team is bad right now but Bradford just needs to be taken out

and other folks should be fired.

Sorry . im mad :slight_smile:

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