Are you considering starting VALDES-SCANTLING?

With all the packers hurt! Is It worth picking up and starting Valdes-Scantling over a Jordy Nelson or Will Fuller?? Adams is playing, so he should receive the coverage. Is this kid good enough to do something with the targets he should get today?? Thanks guys!!

If you need a stream at WR he’s worth a shot for sure, plus Rodgers usually kills the Lions if you look at his record vs them.

Over Fuller depends on his condition at game time and Jordy I don’t know if I’m ready to trust him but the chargers D isn’t what is was last year and Hayward will be on Cooper.

Tough call between Jordy and him in my view (assuming fuller can’t go) but with Cobb and Allison out and showing the best chemistry with Rodgers out of the backups in GB, he’ll need a TD I think to be relevant but as a dart throw Rodgers number 2/3 isn’t a bad shout