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Are you dropping Kareem Hunt?


Do you hold onto him ROS and hopes a team picks him up or you think his year is done? Tell me what yall think footclan


Who is Ray Rice playing for?


LOL @jdilly. But… @Fobbyp…I don’t think I’d drop him. This is all so sudden. More than likely he won’t play anymore this season. BUT…if by some miracle he does…and you dropped him…you’ll be making out blueprints for your own noose!!! LOL


He’s out the season. He’s not the same issue as Ray Rice. Odd how many people don’t know what Domestic Violence is. He’ll get a chance somewhere when he’s no longer out but that will be next year


LOL im done


Im laughing out loud


Dropped. He’s done for the year, maybe forever. Am I the only one who thinks this is less a transgression than Rice’s? If the girl called him the N word and attacked his girlfriend as alleged, I understand his anger. The only difference is, he had the option to walk away and shut his door but chose to engage the girl with violence anyway. That’s unacceptable. I don’t see this as domestic violence but rather a case of assault where both at one time were the aggressor. That girl hit him with a pretty good straight right but he has to walk away. I truly feel sorry for him that he did this to himself. I can’t see him playing this year at all.


Women. Can bringing the biggest of man down to the ground.


I was wondering this same thing. I have Hunt and was able to grab Ware thankfully. I was thinking of dropping Hunt to grab Malcolm Brown (I don’t have Gurley, so it would basically be to just block the Gurley owner). I am assuming Hunt is done for this season.


He won’t be back this year. Minimum punishment for DV is 6 games. There are not 6 games left in the season. I can’t see there being a lengthy appeals process with video proof.


Not domestic violence. He had no relationship with the woman.

I would not be so certain as to drop Hunt for some crappy WR 4 or worthless RB that will never make it into your line up. Bye weeks are over. Have a back up but then grab fantasy pieces that actually have a chance to make your line up


Wow. The dude kicked a girl while she was on the ground. Yea, the girl may have said something to provoke him and I can see him initially pushing her. But, then trying to go through someone to get at her. And then while she’s down KICKING her. Kareem Hunt is a lowlife scum bag who doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL anymore.


Im also considering dropping Hunt. He’s probably done for the year, and then gets a ~6 game suspension beginning next season…

Obviously Ware slides in to my starting lineup, but it’s tempting to drop Hunt and grab Malcolm Brown just in case anything happens to Gurley, just to make sure my leaguemates cannot pick him up.
I had Brown up until last weekend when I had to drop him.