Are you looking for a dynasty league?

So many people are trying to join other dynasty leagues and they all fill up so I thought i’d just start my own. would like to get 12 team going. $50 buy in.

email if interested or comment on here. Thanks foot fam

I am interested. What are the details? What kind of league are you thinking and where you think of playing?

I’m thinking .5 ppr, mfl, don’t have any details yet cuz I want to see if people would want to join first. I’ll keep you posted once/if I get enough people

I am interested. Looking to get into my first dynasty league. How many people have you found?

Hey guys, I have you both on the list. So far 4 people have contacted me, starting to get some traction and still have plenty of time. I’ll start making the rules and stuff as we go, open to suggestions. Thanks

Sounds like Fun

Before you begin reading understand that I am doing this because I love fantasy football. Im not here to make money (unless I win lol) off of this league. Just here to simply help create a long lasting dynasty league that is both fun and competitive. I am merely the person pushing the buttons to get it going, this will be OUR league, so I expect everyone to be committed and participate within the league. Most things are up for a majority vote so dont freak out if theres something you dont like.

Okay guys so here are the details:

12 Team .5 PPR
Platform: Sleeper (good app)
Communication: GroupMe
Buy In: $50 ( I will be charging $100 to ensure you’re committed to at least 2 seasons)
I will set up an account on Leaguesafe for payment, thanks.

Team: 25 Man Roster
1QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex (RB,WR,TE) K, DST
9 Bench
5 Taxi (Rookies)
2 IR

Snake (Randomized once everyone has paid)
Friday, August 31st @ 7:30 pm Pacific Time (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

$50 Buy-in + next years $50 due before draft date. ( League will start once everyone has paid)

Winner- $300
2nd- $50

Rest of the money gets transferred to next season to increase the pot. ONLY back to back winners can win the big pot. Why do it this way? keeps everyone interested and the pot grows and grows every year. I will create a spreadsheet and email to everyone so we all can keep track of it.

Hey I’m in if still spots.

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sweet ill send the email

if spots are still available Patcakes… email me.

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email sent to those of you that have provided it.

I’m in if you still have spots!

have a few spots left

Here’s my email

I would ask if we could possibly do a different time for the draft. I’m on the East Coast so that would be pretty late but mostly it’s the night before my wife’s birthday so I’m sure I’ll be doing something with her.