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Are you starting M.Ingram?


Let’s hear it. In theory, great matchup. Should be fresh. Currently on my bench. I think you drafted him to start him form wk 5 onwards not wk 7. My other RBs are Lynch, A.Jones and AP. Worried about the game script for AP but he also comes in fresh. Lynch and A.Jones in my lineup at the moment.


I would definitely start Lynch this week…
He has a good matchup and will get a lot of touches…

Between A. Jones and M. Ingram it is close debate…
Can make a good argument to start either, I would slightly lean towards Ingram…

I would not start AP over any of these RBs this week…
I feel like the Redskins will have to throw a lot to keep up with the Saints and we’ll see more of Chris Thompson and the passing game…


think i’d start lynch and a. jones, so you have it right imo. gotta start Lynch for sure. AP is gameplan dependent as you said, which makes me nervous that he could have a lot of touches or see nearly zero action. i don’t think it’s going to be an in between.

a. jones has a higher floor than AP, and may have a bigger role this week than in others, as Detroit is last in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, while being 2nd in the NFL in passing yards allowed. that dichotomy obviously is very favorable to jones, and even if Rodgers ends up being able to move the ball well through the air downfield, on goal line stands, the fact that Detroit is so weak against the run makes me think Jones will at least be given 1 or 2 shots at running it in before they think about something else.

i’m with you on Lynch and A. Jones.


Also, the argument for Ingram vs. A Jones depends on what you think of the NO/WAS game and how much risk you want to take. If you are 100% convinced NO/WAS will be a complete high scoring shootout, or that NO will be able to get a lead and maintain it, then that bodes very well for Ingram in the high scoring case, or in the case of just wanting to run the ball and run some clock after getting a lead.

i think it’ll be a close game and not all that high scoring, which doesn’t make me like Ingram as much. Washington’s defense has been strong enough to make up for what it lacks on offense. Kamara is going to get a lopsided share of touches if it’s a nail biter i think.

lions packers seems like it will be close, too. since a. jones is their best RB whether they will admit it or not, that means they’re depending on him more than anyone else in the backfield. there’s no question mark there about who the most capable athlete is. so i think there’s less risk that he doesn’t get enough share than there is with kamara vs. ingram (esp with kamara being literally untouchable so far).


Thanks, ok in another league 2 from Lynch, Yeldon, A.Jones, D.Freeman + M.ingram. Lynch and TJ plugged in at the moment.


I like Yeldon and Freeman for that one. If you want to play it safer, then Yeldon and Lynch. I love Freeman’s upside in this game though. I think he’ll see a lot of running room beyond the line due to the Falcons WR’s forcing the defense to focus on preventing the deep ball.