Are You Targeting Dalvin Cook?

Full PPR.
Im interested in making a trade for Cook but Im not sure where I really value him. I think Id do Ingram for Cook straight up but its kinda hard to pull off 1 for 1 trades in this league. I was thinking of offering Ingram and TY for Cook and OBJ but I almost guarantee hell say no to that and Im not reallyba fan of any of his other guys… How much do you value cook right now…

My RBs:
M Gordon
J White
M Ingram
N Chubb
A Jones

My WRs:
J Gordon
D Baldwin
G Allison

i would not give up Ingram for cook.
honestly with your team i do not see any reason to shift things around.
you have 2 lock and load rbs
3 startable wr.
and about 3 flex worthy players.
Cook may not even be back this year, and who knows what shape he’ll be in.