Arghh which to drop?

I need to drop one to pick up a defense…please help!

James White
rob kelly
d. mcfadden

or i could drop either TE kyle Rudolph or Austin Seferian-Jenkins… but cant decide who to roll with
please help!

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McFadden zeke is playing

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I would drop mcfadden unless you really think he is gonna pay dividends if Zeke gets suspended. if you are sticking with that then Collins because him and Allen switch out from week to week on who is the top RB in Baltimore. I think with how poorly Flacco has been performing it also downgrades the RB’s because they will usually play from behind. I like Kelly but with Thompson and Perine it could be a full on committee once he is healthy, even tho Perine looks okay to me.

James White.

thanks everyone!


I’m trying to keep mcfadden for the next two weeks