Arguments to nix Kicker position

Trying to convince my league to get rid of the kicker position and add a flex, as it seems to be more luck than skill. Does anyone have any good points for this? I’ve sent them articles proving that the K position is too volatile and hardest to predict. Is there maybe data for projected vs. actuals? or the sum of deviations for the different positions?

Thanks in advance.

Try talking in terms that your league knows. So if they appreciate statistics, throw some at them. It may take half an hour to find some stats and correlations using Excel but it could be worth it. Maybe try std. deviation of kickers vs std. dev. of other positions (or z-score). If they won’t appreciate those, maybe compare the disparity in current kicker rankings to preseason kicker rankings? If I had to guess that is a higher # than the same stat for other positions. Let us know your findings!

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