Arizona, for the love of God

…throw the ball to David Johnson or let him run outside.

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Could be worse. I started their Def. All they had to do was commit to the run ,which Denver can’t stop and which would help a rookie qb. Do they do it. No.

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NOOOOO! Sorry man.

Oh and I had Denvers def for the majority of the season. Dropped them before last week and could have just picked them back up for this week but not they weren’t as recommended of a play as a home team. Nobody told me there would be more Broncos fans there than Cards.

Luckily so far I am going against DJ so it’s still mostly good.

I saw that shot of the crowd; it’s nuts!

Well, who knows? Maybe this could be the greatest come back and Arizona will blow up.


I got Denver D in one league with Sanders on the bench. Then Lindsay and DJ in another. Up the middle, Up the middle all day

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“Up the middle all day” could be my new team name.

Youre welcome. Haha. I hope he can get some TDs going up the middle but they cant get to the 50

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INT. Thank goodness Vance and Co are stupid and keep throwing over and over again when they could just be running the clock out.

11 rushes for 31 and a score - Freeman
5 rushes for 43 - Lindsay

Please give Lindsay the ball more…

I wish they would. And Arizona needs to throw screens or something to DJ

The way the game started out I was starting to think Sanders would be the only serviceable QB on the field.
Good thing I have him plugged in tonight.

He’s their best weapon! Do something!

Since I have Denver DST in one league and against it in others…I need the Cardinals to do some spectacular turn around on offense.

I have DEN d in one and DJ in another but Ill take a DJ TD or 2 for sure

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yes, Preach!

Up the middle…

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Little misleading. One of those was a 1 yard td for Freeman and another was a 3rd and 1 that was a tough two yards he got. I don’t think Lindsay would have converted either of those in that situation either.

I’ve heard of this Larry Fitzgerald guy before.