ARob and David Johnson Owner

I’m simply coming here to vent about how frustrating fantasy football is. All the offseason prep and draft research just to have two of your top 4 picks go down in the first week :frowning:
It’s a 14 team keeper league so if DJ’s injury turns out to be about half the season, it’s time to start preparing for next year lol

Ok so I’m being a little dramatic and I will be making trade offers to stay afloat but I just had to vent.

Here’s my team if you have any thoughts on potential guys I should look to move:

Kirk Cousins
David Johnson
Kareem Hunt
Allen Robinson - RIP
Sammy Watkins
Rob Gronkowski
Adam Thielen
Thomas Rawls
Wendell Smallwood
Giovani Bernard
Terrance West
Devin Funchess
Tyler Lockett

Like I said earlier, it’s a 14 team, half ppr, 3 keeper league.

Don’t make any moves unless you can get two premier players for Hunt. Work the waiver wire for guys like golladay, Buck Allen, Cohen, cooper kupp and hopefully one or two of them pay off.

The only two guys I’m not really looking to sell are DJ and Hunt at this point. Just because I could have them as keepers for years to come. Only way I’m selling them is for an offer like you said, for elite guys. As for the waiver wire, since it’s a deep league, all of the guys you listed are already owned. Only guys I’m hoping to land that aren’t owned are Hurns, Lee, or Kerwynn Williams

Oh yeah and play DFS! This is exactly why DFS is so fun because you get a new team or teams every week. If you haven’t played DFS start listening to @mike on his new podcast from the start. I have more fun playing smaller type 10-20 team games instead of GPP’s which I never cashed in.

I actually do play DFS but I just don’t get the same thrill from a season long league with all my buddies in a league that’s going on it’s 7th year

Rough days my friend, is your flex position TE eligible?

Hopefully this link has some names on your waiver wire: