ARob for ridley

Would you trade ridley for arob full ppr?

Probably not. Bears offense is terrible

What’s your record? I’m a Ridley owner and would have a hard time giving up Ridley for ARob. But if you’re in a must win situation, I get it. Has two good matchups coming up, where as I wouldn’t be surprised to be losing Ridley until week 11.

Instead of ARob, are there any wideouts you could target who are consistent, but past their bye? ARob has a bye coming up week 11.

Just thoughts I’m thinking.

4-4 arob has been pretty consistent and his schedule rest of season is about as best as you can get. I love ridley dont get me wrong. And Im nothe the biggest fan of foles but arob seems to heybit done. Offered dj moore and j smith for arob but I dont think he’s gonna take it. I also have kennan allen.

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