Arob trade option! Dynasty

Hello guys,

Iam talking to the Arob owner who begun talking about Aron after i went after chris godwin. He said he might trade Arob for my 1.12 2019. Imo i win this hands down.

Arob is a risk player but high upside. He changed team last year in his comeback year after his acl tear. I think this year could be awesome and a less risk than a 1.12.

Thanks already

Landing position plays a big role in the rookies and the rankings will change a fair bit post draft but at the 1.12 (depending on your league mates preferences, draft habits and needs) you might have a shot at Hakeem Butler, Deebo Samuel, Noah Fant maybe an RB slips to you as well in the WR rush this year.

But i’d take the known over the unknown, ARob is in a decent situation, still young, proven he can do it and is back without issues from his ACL. I’d deal the 1.12 for him in most circumstances.

Yeah change is they fall to me. But looking at my squad i have enough depth in Rookie talent. What you think based on my squad?

QB: Baker, Goff
RB: Kamara, D.Freeman, A.jones, A.collins, Ballage, D.Foreman, Josh Adams, k.Dixon.
Wr: A brown, Diggs, R.woods, D.parker, C.ridley, M.Gallup, K.Coutee.
TE: Engram, Gesicki.

I need to drop 2 players if Arob joins cause other trade that will be Adams and Dixon.

Should I do the trade or keep the 1.12 for maybe A rookie Rb or Receiver.

I might want to trade Goff and Draft kyler Murray with 2nd but I dont think murray will fall that deep.

I actually think targeting an RB would be my move with that roster, QB your set for years with A+ talent there. WR i think AB will produce and Diggs, Woods and 2 and 3 are solid Ridley Coutee ad Gallup can all contribute as WR3/flex options if not better if they continue to improve.
TE i think you are okay and in a couple of seasons i would expect Engram to be more consistent and maybe Gesicki will break out but i suspect not while Fitzpatrick is the starter in MIA as he doesn’t use TEs much at all.

RB though Kamara is a stud and i like Jones but unless Freeman can shake the injury bug i don’t like the depth of Collins, Ballage, Adams, Dixon and Foreman.

I don’t mind getting another solid productive WR in Arob into that squad as the better dynasty play and i don’t think Kyler or any of the top RBs would fall to you at the back of the second.

Maybe someone like Alex Barnes but i would get Arob in but if not i’d be taking my shots on RBs this draft and dumping some guys like Collins, Ballage and Dixon either trade or straight cut IMO they just wont have any value for you going forward

No i might get Freeman in the deal he has J.howard/ingram might 2 for 2. As in 1st en freeman with dixon. for howard or ingram and Arob.

To be clear its a 1qb, 1rb, 2wr,1te and 2 flex league.

So starting would be:
Baker,kamara,Brown, diggs, engram, woods jones as it is now.

Ah i see. I think i would rather have Freeman over both those backs tbh. Howard offers nothing as pass catcher and looks to be being phased out of the Bears so his future is up in the air and Ingram while fine is 29 and if Jackson can’t improve as a passer dramatically could be stuffed more often than not in Baltimore. Arob for the 1.12 is fine but i don’t like the rest of the deal for you.

Freeman while a big injury risk and needs to get some games to change that has been the RB1 before and can dominate when healthy plus in your roster he is an affordable risk IMO as you have Kamara and Jones plus 4 stable WR1/2s. I think this is someone buying low on Freeman.

I’d look for another deal to get either another RB or WR in for your 1.12 and a player, but it’s hard to trade Freeman as his value is low due to injury concerns you may be better off keeping him and picking the best available at 1.12. Unless someone will give you higher end RB2 value for Freeman and maybe another 2nd rounder it’s not worth entertaining because if Freeman is healthy you have traded a top 8 RB potentially even more for pennies on the dollar.

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Arob for 1.12 is a lock hands down. Take it before he runs. As bad as trubisky is, we’ve at least seen what ARob can do in the nfl. The guys you’ll be considering at 1.12 will be shots in the dark. Best case scenario, you get one of the top TEs although probably not cause they got in the 1.07 - 1.10 range.

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Hi guys thanks for the input. Stil waiting on the owner to deside no hurry!

What you guys think of kenyan drake dynasty wise. Buylow or allready to high