As a Juju owner do I drop him for Robby Anderson on waivers?

As a Juju owner in full PPR. I have nobody in my league that wants to trade for him, no matter how I package him. Do I drop him and pickup Robby Anderson on waivers???

I would not. Do you have anyone else to drop?

My list of WRs are:
Julio Jones
Cooper Kupp
Micheal Gallup

You don’t need Robby then lol

If you don’t think anyone wants to trade for JuJu, then I doubt anyone will want to trade for Robby either (which is why he’s on the waiver wire). Drop literally anyone else on your team, WRs excluded, and pick up Robby if you’re so inclined.

Agree with everyone else on dropping another player to pick up Robbie. Also take into account his next 2 games which should be bad matchups. The likely hood of him still being there after new England’s showing is high lol

no dont do it. juju will probably be getting rudolph back after the bye and should be a decent ppr play.

anderson will have a couple big games but many duds. hes a boom or bust player.

you could do what i did earlier today ( i have Juju as well). I dropped my kicker to pick up Robby. Thats always an option if you can afford to