As a LM, is this trade fair?

There was a trade in my league that was Dalvin for Sutton and Melvin Gordan. Want to get some opinions on if it is fair enough to let it go to a vote and if it is just fair in general.

I mean id certainly want the Cook side but its not like its two guys who arent the number 1 at their position for their teams. So its fair if both teams accepted it, long as its collusion free

Why isn’t it? You are trading a top tier RB1 for a WR 1/2 and a RB1/2. Would I give up Cook for that? Probably not, but do you have the right to say it’s collusion, hell no.

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yea this is what I am thinking. The Dalvin owner said he was giving up so thats more why im questioning it

Well that completely changes things. I don’t let him make any trades if that is the case.