As Commish, what would you do?

Before the beginning of this fantasy season, it was decided that due to the uncertainty of Covid, I would add three IR positions to be used ONLY for players diagnosed with Covid. As our league was on Yahoo, I was unable to set those IR positions only for Covid as Yahoo did not offer that option. I sent out an email to the league explaining this and again stressed these IR spots were only to be used for Covid diagnosed players. I am sure you can guess where this is going.

Fast forward to today. I have a manager who, for the last two weeks, has had Christian McCaffrey in one of his IR spots designated for covid players. He has benefitted from having one more roster spot than everyone else in the league. Other players have followed the rules and dropped Barkley, Ekeler, etc.

What are you thoughts? What actions should be taken?

I have used CBS Sportsline for the past 20 years to run our league. We used Yahoo for our fantasy baseball league years prior and realized the commissioner is limited to how a league can be set up. Can you go into settings and change the format after year starts? I think the main issue you are having is Yahoo does not have a Covid spot on rosters.

My advice for commissioner: Give that owner the benefit of the doubt and ask him/her to move McCaffrey out of IR and drop a player ASAP. Do this by sending them a email direct or via phone call. Do not make this a public issue even though other owners are probably blowing up your message board.

If owner does not comply then I advise you allow all owners to be able to utilize the 3 IR spots you have as they choose. This has to happen fast but it may already be too late in some owners eyes.

Personally, we all knew going into this season would be crazy and advise dropping the Covid only spots and allow IR spots to be used however. Your job as commissioner is to get to the end of the season with a valid winner…period. I advise a different format outside of Yahoo but thats just my advice moving forward

Thanks for the response. You are correct that Yahoo is limited on their commish options. I have tried to move away but the managers like Yahoo because we’ve used it for years and they’re familiar with it.

I have had managers already comment on the situation and are upset. What complicates the situation is that this manager is undefeated and in first place. He wants to keep McCaffrey and the player he picked up (Antonio Gibson) to replace McCaffrey but I have tried to explain to him that he would not of had the extra roster spot unless he dropped someone else on his roster at the time he picked up Gibson. I have also explained that it was not fair to the teams he played the last two weeks. In an effort to instill fairness, I have suggested that we adjust his team score the last two weeks by the difference of Gibson and the highest scoring RB on his bench but that would mean he would incur a loss so he’s not willing to cooperate.

You have to move on from this owner next year for sure and I can understand why you are trying to make things right so the other owners see that you are on top of things.

What I would do: Post a message stating you spoke with the owner in question and they are not cooperating so moving forward everybody can utilize the 3 IR spots any way they like. I also would disqualify this owner but not tell them about till the end of the year. If its a money league I would give back his entry fee and say toodle loo buckaroo. This year has been a crazy one and we all don’t need somebody making it any worse than it already is.

I don’t know if I would alter scores to try and make right what this owner is doing. However it may work and I would love to know if it did at the end of the year. There is not one and only way to handle this kind of behavior but moving forward you have the responsibility to keep the league competitive and sometimes put a hammer down on those that don’t want to play be the rules. Good luck!

Kick him out of the league

We just instilled IR and we voted on how to treat IR. If you guys all voted it was COVID only and he didn’t comply and won’t comply he’s out.

Also, really should have been dealt with when he made the move, not weeks later.