ASJ or Stephen Anderson

Who would you play? Full point PPR.

I could also use this advice. Standard though

I also have Olsen but don’t have any faith in him.

If you’re looking for someone a bit more proven, I’d say ASJ. Denver has a known weakness against the TE. Sure their corners aren’t as strong but they should be enough to stifle Robby and Kearse.

If you’re looking for upside, Anderson. There’s no one else that’s healthy in that offense. Stephen is actually quite the receiver. Houston uses the TE often. San Fran is good against the TE, though.

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I would go olsen over those two guys. They have low floors at least with olsen you could hit a home run

I thought about it but the potential of him getting re-injuring his foot again and only playing the first few drives.

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I like ASJ for that reason. I have Ingram and Kamara and my RB’s. QB is McCown. and WRs are T.hIll and Funchesse.

I’d take the flyer on Anderson. No other TE with HOU, he got lots of targets last week. He was a WR in college so he should have an advantage against LBs.

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I like that about anderson and think he has a higher upside at the same time I like ASJ’s matchup and think he’s guaranteed a TD. What ever why I do I will probably be wrong.

With the injury to Kamara, I need the potential home run so I’m going to go with Anderson. Hope it works out.

ASJ may be guaranteed a TD pass, but a 50/50 chance that it’s overturned :wink:

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I think Anderson in a landslide. Houston loves the TE and the TE in Houston has the second most redzone targets on the team with something like 16 on the year, Hopkins has 22. Anderson will never stay in a block either, he is pass catching only

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