ASJ vs Dissly in Dynasty

I has ASJ, Njukou, Whitten (dont be jealous) Burton. I like Dissly and can trade ASJ and a 3rd for him but I feel like thats too expensive. I also have the 103 and 1.10 rookie picks. PPR Dynasty. What are everyone’s thoughts on the talent?

I would prefer to trade ASJ and a 3rd for Ian Thomas, if you can make that deal…

But ultimately it’s not a bad offer for a prospect.

I wouldn’t be investing in Dissly. Honestly, it seems like you have TE covered between Burton, Njoku and ASJ, let alone whitten. If you really want a TE grab Fant or Hockenson with one of your rookie picks. Either one of them are going to have higher upside than ASJ or Dissly, IMO.

Idk. Those are my thoughts reading this over.

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