Asking for draft feedback

10 team / 0.5ppr / 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2Flex, 1TE, D, K, 10 bench

(k) marks a keeper, my first pick was 2.03 - let me know how I did and what I should do moving forward!

QBs: Rodgers (k), Josh Allen (k)
RBs: Gurley (k), Mixon (k), Kerryon (k), Guice (k), Pollard, Singletary, Justice Hill
WRs: MT (k), Juju (k), Godwin (k), A. Miller (k), C. Sutton (k), A. Callaway (k), Gallup, John Brown, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside
TE: Howard (k)
D: Dallas
K: Don’t have one right now

Bumpity bump bump

Looks pretty strong and well-rounded to me, especially with Guice flashing in the preseason, showing signs that he could actually be a thing.

Honestly, I want to BE in a league where it’s possible to have a team this deep. Who were your league-mates picking in rounds 4 thru 8? Sheesh.

I’d either drop Callaway or Whiteside for a kicker.

Haha everyone has their own strategy since it’s a hybrid dynasty, some people focus strictly on this year’s upside, I focused on guys who won’t truly break out till next year most likely given I had strong keepers to give me a shot at the title this year.

We have an IR spot where I can stash Callaway while he’s suspended, so I’ll just throw him there and snag a kicker soon.