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Asking for my Wife. D. Thomas for Fournette?


10 team PPR deep roster. You are scraping the bottom of the barrel for players on waiver wire.
Another team is really wanting D. Thomas, and first offered McCaffrey and Stewart. He is open for other offers and really is wanting D. Thomas. Is it a good trade to ask for Fournette, or should she hold on to her WR’s because she doesn’t have much depth at the position.

Thanks for any advice.


Fournette could be a huge plus side for her team considering her current starting RBs. I would ask for Fournette if she has a decent consistent player she can pop in DTs place.


Take Fornette and run. WRs are much easier to find via both the Waiver wire and trades than work horse RBs.


Yes, absolutely. That’s a homerun for your wife. I doubt the guy will accept it…but if he sent it accept it before he realizes the error of his ways