Asking for trade advice on forums cheating?

Question. My friends claim that consulting forums and asking questions regarding trades within the fantasy community isn’t cheating/wrong/collusion but betrays a ‘code of honour’. Am I the crazy one?!?! Or am I just surrounded by snowflakes?

Were taking a vote as to whether it should be allowed…Help!

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You’re friends an idiot. He has just as much access to the same information as you. He is just too lazy to use it.

This is America, not 1940s Nazi Germany. Tell your leaguemates to grow a pair.

Not only is that just an idiotic rule, but it is impossible to police. Just go create another account and keep asking. If I was in a league that passed that rule, I would leave.


MikeMeUpp I could not agree more!

Im over in the UK in an 8 man league.

Dynasty and a Redraft. The debate got heated I was confused. They’re point is ‘I should do my own research’ & ‘my team isn’t truly mine’.

I do research and Im pretty sure I own my team :joy:

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This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You should ask your friend if he/she does any sort of research, watches any Fantasy Football shows, turns on ESPN to get updates on player’s health, or reads any of the updates on their players leading up to game time. If he/she does, then what is the difference?

What is the difference between you taking advice from me (a normal joe off the street) on a trade, and him/her taking advice from a Fantasy Expert on who to start?

To answer your question, yes, you are surround by snowflakes if this is an issue they are bringing up.

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Forty9Giants Im just glad Im not alone!

Ill take your points to them and see if I can turn some cheeks!

Haha good luck.

Basically it sounds like someone didn’t get their trade accepted and it crying about it.

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You are in the right, I bet they listen to the advice of professionals all day long in the way of Football commentators and FF pundits… but they, like yourself have to decide who they believe.

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