Asking price for 1.06 and 1.11

I have a owner trying to buy my 1.06 and 1.11 in a 12 team SF dynasty league. I came up short of the championship this past year. He didn’t give me a price just asked what I wanted for them.

He has Diggs and Gordon that I really like.

My team consist of (1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1R/W/T, 1SF)
QB: Lamar, Kyler, Lock, Stafford, RG3, Mariota
RB: Mack, Monty, Guice, Powell, T Williams (Cin)
WR: Sutton, Golladay, Parker, Ross, Perriman, D. Robinson, Butler, Pascal, Lazard
TE: . Smith, J. Sprinkle, J. Akins, and J. Graham

Would you ask for Diggs and Gordon for the two first or do you think that’s too much to ask for?

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I would be ecstatic if I could get a mid-early 1st for Diggs. And I’d be really happy if I could get a late 1st for melvin gordon, so I wouldn’t do this trade if I were you, or I’d ask for other players/picks. I’m lower than consensus on both of those guys though, so if you really like them go for it.

Diggs has shown what he is so far. He’s never gonna be that top 12 guy we all want him to be.
Melvin Gordon doesn’t even have a team right now, and his situation is surely going to be worse than it was in L.A.

I am with @keith_ferguson on this one. I would rather the picks than those players without a doubt. If for no other reason than age. But if you think they are the guys you need as opposed to some lottery picks I can get it.

I have heard Diggs to ARI rumors / instagram which is interesting, but that would not make the trade a slam dunk. Just interesting.

Again, though, I would stick with the picks. Hope this helps!