Assistance Needed: Trade away Kerryon for WR depth

After some back and forth trying to upgrade my WR position - and the Footballers input during yesterday’s Mailbag Show - i am left with the following options in my 12-team HalfPPR trophy league:

Trade away Kerryon for…

  1. Kupp
  2. Ekeler + MVS
  3. Ekeler + Tate
  4. Ekeler + John Brown

Q: Ryan
W: Thomas, Lockett, Davis, Gabriel, Godwin, TQS
R: Gordon, White, Coleman, Kerryon, McGuire, Adams
T: Njoku

Thanks for your help #Footclan!

What’s your record?

5-4-0, currently in 5th (six make playoffs) with some tough upcoming matchups.

I’d do the Kupp deal.

2 & 4 aren’t bad either if you can’t swing Kupp. Tate is a lower option in an offense that is Ertz/Jeffrey’s first

I would go for Brown and Ekeler. Brown has beautiful matchups the rest of the way, and with Ekeler you can still get Gordon’s nice playoff matchups if he can’t go for whatever reason.

That’s where I was leaning too. Having the high-quality handcuff in Ekeler is nice, but leaves me with above-average WR2/3s vs the good-to-high-quality WR2 in Kupp.

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Kupp is a no go. Thinking Ekeler + MVS now.

Yeah if you can’t get Kupp I like MVS rest of season and Ekeler isn’t a bad guy to have around when Gordon has already missed games with a soft tissue injury this year.

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