At a total loss for what to do

So this is the team, 1/2pnt PPR and its 0-2 so far.

QB: Matty Ryan
RB: Gordon, Murray, Forte
WR: Diggs, TY Hilton, Ginn, JJ Nelson, Golladay, Moncrief, Richardson
TE: Eifert, Watson
K: Bailey
DEF: Arizona

So the glaring problem here is RB depth, wouldn’t be so bad if Murray wasn’t beat up and Henry is encroaching on his workload but this week is going to be rough rough if I don’t try to make some moves.

Hilton is my best asset that isn’t helping the team and I’ve threw out a few feelers to see if anyone will bite for Freeman or one of the top 10 guys this week (doubtful) but with this bunch of crap WR’s what do you target or package? Do you try and get like two lower tier RBs? Eifert isn’t helping at all and now I’ve burned a roster spot to keep him for the time being.

Also, after this year never again will I play in any Waiver priority systems…

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Have you tried to shop Matt Ryan? Or include him in a trade? He’s a top tier guy and could possibly make a trade pretty tempting for someone who is needy at that position. The QB position would be easy for you to stream. Also, I know it sucks waiting for Luck, but when he’s back TY is immediately back to a WR1. It might take a few weeks and maybe even one game of Luck and TY back together but you should eventually be able to get great return value for him.

been saying this for 2 weeks, and idk know if its going to happen but my guess is that luck is out all season. I had hilton and sold him for snead just so i could get someone who is a starter in real life (even with the suspensions). If you can get anybody that will give you 10-12 points a game for hilton i would do it. may try him for a lamar miller or someone like that. in the meanwhile scam your waivers for some rbs, rb is the least stable position. theyre easy to predict if theyre healthy but they can go down in one game and just like that your rb 1 is out for multiple weeks. there has to be guys like donta foreman on waivers, he got a few touches and may end up eating into millers work. If you can get derrick henry for ty i would do it in a heart beat

My 1st thought is that you might have too many WR and not nearly enough R’b’s. Go after anyone on the waiver if you can. Moncrief is good, but you might try to trade him. for example in any situation are you going to ever play Hilton and Moncrief? I wouldn’t. You are battling yourself in that situation. Play the play that applies when the week falls. And Richardson is a give and take flyer…I would drop him for a RB if it helps your team.