At my Breaking point (long post/rant)

Well I’ve started 0-5 and the last time I started 0-6 was back in 2012 other than then (my first year doing fantasy) I usually at least win one of my first two games but not this year. My problems started at the draft when I drafted Green not knowing he was gonna be missing time, then I made the classic mistakes of drafting D. Freeman with the intentions of having an RB2 all season long and he comes out very disappointing the first 3 weeks. Sony had a good season last year he would be a safe pick. nope. I got played by my obsession with Gordon from when I had him in 2013 and he’s been one of my biggest disappointments. I drafted Will Fuller and dropped him after week 3, so seeing that 3 td game as a Texans fan really didn’t sit well. The first 3 weeks I could not break 100 points as a team in a league that starts 1qb 2rb 2wr 2w/r/t 1 te K Def half point ppr 4points for passing td’s. Now I thought I was really feeling it after week 3 starting 0-3 and just unable to get over 96 points (It’s not even like I could’ve started people from my bench to do better, I had started for the most part the best person give or take 1 or 2 points). Let me tell you fellas I was wrong. Week 4 I finally did it I broke 100 and hit 111.32 He’s got 82.68 with 3 people left, Juju, Michael Thomas, and Lutz his Kicker. I lost 111.32-111.68. My schedule sort of relaxed after those 4 weeks and this team for week 5 was much noticeably weaker and going into the afternoon game I had the lead and it was looking good for me, boy was I ever so wrong. I entered the Dallas Green Bay game leading 105.26-49.16 I had 1guy left and he has 3 players left I watch through to after the first drive in the third quarter and fell asleep till the end of the game so that I could watch the entirety of the late night game. I never told you who his players were though, He had Dak and Amari and I woke up losing 106.48-105.26 Dak and Amari evaporated any hope I had of a smooth week but what else should I expect I’m 0-4. I had Robinson going against the Colts in the late game and he really didn’t help the cause too much bringing me to 110.26 His last player being OBJ playing on Monday night needed a measly 3.78 points to beat me. There is no plot twist here, there is no Monday night Miracle at the end of this story no, just the cruel world of fantasy football where you get the short end of the stick in two very close games back to back. You guessed it I lost, Odell got 4 points, I drop to 0-5 after losing two back to back nailbiters 111.32-111.68 and now this week after Odell I lost 110.26-110.48. Fantasy is a cruel mistress and things aren’t looking good boys, I’m getting into must win territory before playoffs are impossible. Here’s the team below, I’m at a point with Aj where I’ve waited this long for him I might as well stick it out. I’m beyond flustered Boys, feel free to share your terrible seasons so we can all have a pity party together, or if you wanna criticize my lineup and draft decisions I’m open to that, similarly and lastly if you have any constructive advice for the roster fire away. I’ve never felt as lost with football as I do right now.