At the 2.12 & 3.1 picks I'm considering these players, pick your two favorite choices

If these players are available in my draft at the 2.12 & 3.1 sports I’m considering the following: 1) Jordan Howard, 2) Jerick McKinnon, 3) Joe Mixon, 4) Devonta Freeman or Derrick Henry. Now, I know their ADP’S can change dramatically over the next month but who would you pick at 2,3 turn?? Any honorable mentions if I may have missed something?

I like Freeman and Howard in a standard and Freeman/McKinnon in any form of PPR, but think it’s very unlikely that either of them fall to you at 2.12 and 3.1. Typically I’ve seen Mixon and Henry available at those picks, but none of the others.

Honorable mention would be someone like McCaffery, but I’m not so sure how I feel about him this year. I’d probably take McCaffery over Henry.

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Freeman, Mixon for me or if you went RB 1st and have a top guy I like a WR like Allen then take the best of those four whoever’s left

Edit - Freeman, Mixon, Howard McKinnon would be how I rank and agree if CMC slips I’d put him behind Freeman maybe lower if standard scoring

I wouldn’t expect Allen to be at 2.12 either. I have seen AJ Green fall to 2.12 in some mocks, but even that is likely a longshot.

I seem to get Allen a lot between 2.09-2.12 in mocks and in my dynasty start up took him there too. In the RB scramble him, AJ can fall there. I agree more often AJ though but depending on preference of other players you can get lucky with Allen

If it’s any form of PPR Allen has no chance. Standard I could see him potentially falling that far, but I usually see him gone by 2.06

Definetly not in full PPR but in half I’ve seen him enough at the back end of the 2nd to factor him in. I only play half or standard and I was just as suprised he kept getting that far in non-standard scoring but just my experience so far, I have a fair amount of Allen shares as a result

My experience is mostly with mocks on the Sleeperbot app with only myself and autopicking so that might skew my results a bit. Real drafts with people could allow him to slip through

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That makes sense and yes agreed when you get people with their own rankings and pre draft favourites/bias crazier things happen but he’s an interesting guy this year I think lots of players still view him as too high an injury risk

Are you taking a WR first overall?

Ideally my roster would look something like this:


All of those players current ADP puts them AROUND where you’re picking. I feel like grabbing Tier 1 back is essential when picking first. I like the WR’s around that 4.12 range - Gordon/Cooks/D Thomas

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The best part about people having crazy rankings is guys you think should go higher end up falling to you. I did a 16 man mock last night for craps and giggles… I was shocked at the guys who fell to me:

QB: M. Ryan, J. Goff
RB: Howard, McKinnon, Mack, Carson, Jones
WR: A. Brown, Crabtree, Cobb, Cole, Mike Williams
TE: Trey Burton, Ben Watson
Mason Crosby and Dallas DST

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Wow in a 16 man that’s a phenomenal team, my draft board falls apart in 14 man plus too often for my liking!

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I did forget to mention it’s a 12 team standard league and I’m taking Gurley #1 overall.

I try to familiarize myself even with the silly formats so I can speak somewhat from a place of experience. I dont like em but I liked my team in that one