At the turn

Right now I am at the turn in a 10 person 1ppr league. However I have been offered to trade for the number 7 spot. I am tempted to do it, I feel like at 10 it will be scare pickings at RB. Thoughts?

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Depends on the price and who’s available.

Depends; especially in a 10, you might grab two good RB at the turn :man_shrugging:t4:

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Just saw this, and realize it was posted a day or two ago, so…this may be a LITTLE, TOO LATE to help. But…for what it’s worth (just in case) , I’m also in a 10 team, full PPR. And with the “TURN PICK” you have a GREAT advantage of the back to back picks. On the same note…it’s a LONNNNNGGGG time before it gets back to you, and a LOT of prime pieces will be gone by then.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the option of a Draft Spot trade in our league, so can’t help you on that aspect. But…to be honest, I really prefer the middle pick in a round, and 7 would be fairly close to that. I’ve always had the 5-6 pick every year and it’s usually done me good. Made it to the P/O’s most years, and I’ve usually ended up with about 10 out of my 16 initial man roster every year that way.

Again…I know this may all be too late to help any, but…for what it’s worth…if you still have the chance…I definitely think pick 7 can work. Of course, everybody has the “classic draft theory” that they rely on. So…

Anyway…whatever you decide…best of luck to you!!!

Stay There. I seen Fournette, Gordon, Cook, Freeman, McCaffrey all there.

Our draft isn’t until Labor Day weekend, so I still have time. Like you I prefer to be in the middle of the pick order. Sure its nice having back to back picks but then it takes forever to get back to you. I am waiting to hear back if the guy still wants to trade draft positions.

I have actually mocked a lot from the 10 spot and it’s one of my favorites surprisingly. I have never had an issue getting RBs. Mocked last night and went M. Gordon and OBJ happen to be there still so I took him. A lot of times I do a Hunt/Gordon combo at 10&11. Or a Gordon/Fournette. I have had plenty of times also been able to get a Barkley/Hunt or Barkley/Gordon. I certainly wouldn’t be worried. My next two at 30/31 I can get solid WRs too or even a McKinnon type and WR if I want to fully solidify my RBs. Hope that helps. Done probably 25 or so at that spot so it’s consistent.

As an aside…I do mocks that have real people drafting to so it as more of the human variables of real drafts. Definitely wouldn’t worry about the 10 spot this year especially in a 10 team league

Here is my draft front the 10 spot just yesterday. I loved it! image image

Well, there ya go @Foxes51. Lot of good points from several who have had good experience with the 10 spot. And actually, if you think about it, most spots are gonna have as much of a positive as the rest in one respect or another. At least through about the first half or so of the draft anyway. And…a lot of depth out there this year. :smiley:

Honestly that’s a lot more stacked at RB than I expected! Well done sir!