ATL Dynasty: Great Group Looking for 2 More!

TLDR Version: Over at ATL Dynasty, we have 2 orphans in need of loving leadership! We are a 10 - Team 2QB .5PPR Dynasty League. If you are interested in learning more about us, we warmly welcome you to join our league’s GroupMe channel here: ATL Dynasty GroupMe

The Orphans

Long Version

ATL Dynasty is a 10 Team 2QB dynasty league going into its first year after completing its start-up draft this summer and is looking for loving leadership for 2 Orphans. The league is a “spin-off” league started from members of a successful “Footclan” League (Atlanta Footclan) that is going into its 3rd year. There is a core group of us that are in both leagues, and we do everything that we can do to try and make our leagues fun, active, and competitive. Here is a short list of the types of things you will see in our fantasy football group:

  • Year-Round Active GroupMe channels: Our GroupMe channels are active throughout the year, with some days there being literally hundreds of messages of smack talk. The gifs alone are insane!

  • Podcast: Recently, one of our core members has started a podcast where league events, among other fantasy happenings, are being broken down. The takes are just to hot!

  • Power Rankings: Whenever possible, very fair and objective Power Rankings are posted on our websites.

  • Democratic, Responsible, and Dependable Leadership: Our Commish-es have a history of putting in the time and effort to ensure fun, fair, and competitive leagues.

  • League Meet Ups: While not mandatory, some members of our leagues have had the opportunity to meet up for league events in the Atlanta Area, and great fun ensued.

If you are interested in taking over one of our orphans, learning more about us, joining a waiting list, or just hanging out with an active group of fantasy enthusiasts throughout the season, I highly encourage you to check out one of our GroupMe channels and/or one of our league’s websites.

ATL Dynasty GroupMe

Atlanta Footclan GroupMe

ATL Dynasty Website

Atlanta Footclan Website

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Just sent you a dm

Thank you everyone for all of your interest. While we still invite you to check out all that we do, we have now filled all of our vacant spots.

Good Fantasy Luck to you and yours in 2018!