Atlanta backfield for Leonard Fournette

I’m being offered Freeman and Tevin Coleman for Leo. I’m not convinced. However, I would like to know what the Footclan thinks…

I’d stick with Fournette here on the basis that I don’t trust Sarkisian to get that offense to a level that could support two top 20 running backs, also even though it’s rumoured i can’t see Coleman being there next year because of what it’ll likely cost and with Julio wanting more money it’ll be even tougher to keep him, so that’s a risk if he ends up on a bad team. Fournette has youth and a future of consistent high volume on the horizon so if there was doubt that tips it to him for me.

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Is this a redraft or dynasty/keeper league?

Dynasty league.

In dynasty I would take the Atlanta backfield. Fournette is definitely the best player out of those 3 currently when healthy. However, I have Freeman only about 5 spots back and have him as a lower end RB1 while I have Fournette as a mid RB1. If either Atlanta guy goes down the other is in the same position productivity wise as Fournette is but for me, Coleman has tremendous upside next year when he leaves as a FA. You could potentially get two RB1 when Coleman and Freeman are on different teams. They are 25 and 26 so only a couple years older than Fournette.

I see Coleman as the backup RB like Michael Turner was several years ago. As soon as he became the lead dog in the backfield he was a stud.

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I’m also for the Atlanta backfield. Yes Leo > Freeman for this year (but not by a lot), but the potential of having both Freeman and Coleman as lead backs on their teams from next year is too good to ignore. Both are still young enough to give you another 3-4 years

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Really this just comes down to your appetite for risk. The guy proposing the trade to you doesn’t want to hold Coleman any longer on the assumption he ends up a workhorse back on a decent team. If he does the it’s a great move and you’ll have two RB1s for the next 3-4 years for the price of 1 as the guys above say. If Coleman stays in Atlanta or ends up in a committee or with a bad team then you’ve traded one stud for an older stud giving you the same production but for less time now and Coleman who’s value has dropped considerably and may not be of use to you week in week out. It’s just a gamble with big potential but it has its risks. I wouldn’t do it today because there’s too many variables, if Coleman was for sure leaving Atlanta I’d do it and accept that risk of his end location but not the risk of him stating put as a backup/time share guy

It definitely is a risk because Coleman’s destination is uncertain, but he has loads of talent and I see him doing well in most places. I have a hard time seeing him stay in Atlanta for a few reasons. 1) They are going to have to pay Matt Ryan and Julio both and already have Starting RB money invested in Freeman. They have several other key FA coming up for new deals in the next year. 2) Coleman has not made a lot of money as he is on year 4 of a third round pick contract. He will be 26 and potentially his only chance for a solid payday. He takes the money for sure.

If you want the upside of have to take the risk. If you wait until say next offseason and Coleman bolts for a good gig, there’s no way you get both for Fournette. I’m personally bullish on Coleman and am actively tatgetting him in my league for these reasons. Try and get him cheaper the year before. Did it with Michael Turner back in the day and he led me to a title the following year.