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Atlanta Footclan League is looking for a new member


We recently had someone drop out due to some personal things coming up and now we’re looking to fill the spot. We are a fun active league who loves are smack talk. We’re a 12 team, 3 keeper, 6pt TD, 1/2 PPR set up. The team in question is pretty well off with its roster in keeper options. We require an active owner and would prefer someone who will be active on our chat as well. We are starting our second year and are live drafting near Atlanta. After that we plan to draft in fun locations like Vegas. Although circumstances allow for missed live drafts here and there (one of our guys lives in France and will skype this year), we are looking for someone willing and able to participate in live drafts. If this sounds like the league for you full of competitive and active players, check out our website. http://www.atlantafootclan.com We are also creating a waiting list if the spot gets filled.


Still need someone to join your league, let me know, claytonjonesjr@gmail.com