Atlanta FootClan: Recruiting for our 3rd Year

Atlanta Footclan is a 12 - team, half-point, keeper league. We are going into our third year as a Footclan League (we started the first year of Footclan Leagues), and we still have a majority of our founding members from that initial group.

It looks like we may have one or two open spots for 2018, so if you are looking for a fun, competitive, and year-round active league, we would love for you to check us out. Here is more info about our league:


Our Primary Method of Communication: GroupMe

Our League’s ESPN Page: ESPN

League Dues: League is free, however modest prize winnings supplied by the Commish

Keeper Set Up: 3 total keepers from a lottery-type system.

Draft Type: Online, however some of us will meet up live.

If you are interested in learning more about us and our league, please feel free to join our GroupMe above or post your questions here. For those of you who do not join our league, go get that #footclantitle…for those who are, or will be, in the league…The Megalodons are coming for you…vengeance will be mine.

Brian - would certainly be interested. I’m up in the northwest suburbs (Woodstock) and would love to find a local Footclan league. Longtime listener but reasonably new to ATL in the last couple years so don’t have my local FFL connections figured out yet!

Hit me up at if there’s a spot open.

Hi, i’m very intrested always looking for competition, my email is

I would be interested in your league. Been on many yahoo leagues and looking for new challenges in my ATL area


Hello Sean and Kizril,

Thank you for your interest in the league. If you are paying attention to fantasy football at this time of year, you are the type of people we want in our league.

Currently, we have all open spots spoken for with Enalbone above being the first on the waiting list. However, we have a Roll-Call due a week after the NFL draft, and I would not be surprised if one or two spots opened up at that time. Currently, we are placing interested owners on the waiting list in the order in which they join our GroupMe channel.

I highly encourage you to join our League’s GroupMe to stay and touch. Our GroupMe channel is our method for making announcements throughout the year, conducting league business, and talking fantasy football (among other things) all year round.