Attempt to replace David Johnson

I am desperately in search of an RB2 now that DJ has gotten hurt. I was able to pick up Kerwynn Williams, Buck Allen, and Tarik Cohen. However I need to pick one to play this week. I am currently in negotiations to acquire Terrance West, however I am unsure who to start (and then I’d have to drop one of the guys above). I need some insight please!

First off, nice hustle on the waiver wire. I’d hold off on trading for West unless you are getting rid of Buck Allen in that trade. Not sure how good it would be to have both Ravens RBs on one team. I’d like to see at least one week with Woodhead being out to see how they are going to gameplan around these two.

If you are going to drop anyone, I’d drop K. Williams. AZ is looking like its going to be a RBBC and they just resigned Chris Johnson who might take a big chuck out of that. If you can afford to be patient, I’d roll with your team now and have Cohen as RB2 and see how things shake out in Baltimore.

Haha so I forgot to mention that I also have Paul Perkins, not that I was really considering playing him. But, not sure.