Attempted Trade for Bell

I’m considering offering a trade for L. Bell.

M. Ingram and G. Allison for L. Bell and H. Hurst.

That would leave me with L. Bell, J. Conner, J. Mixon, J. White, and R. Freeman at RB. A. Brown, E. Sanders, K. Stills, and Q. Enunwa at WR. T. Burton and H. Hurst at TE.

The other guy’s team would be left with Ingram, McCoy, Peterson at RB. Fitzgerald, Kupp, Crabtree, Watkins, Sanu, and Allison at WR. Graham and Eifert at TE.

Fair trade? Smart trade? What are your thoughts?

If you can get him to accept I would do it. It’s a little skewed in your favor, but it’s not so bad that they might not accept. If you can convince them it’s more likely that bell is out 10 weeks you might get them to accept.

rofl. Title should be “I’m attempting a low ball for Bell”.

This is a joke. Let’s not try and sell the “benefit”. You know you’re lowballing. Just own up to it. The fact that you’re also adding hurst just makes me laugh even more.


Oh, its definitely trying to take advantage of a desperate situation. No denying that.

But the guy’s got 2 RB total he can start. Both 30+ yrs old. And one’s on a horrible offense.

When it comes to TE, he’s got depth to spare with Graham and Eifert. And Allison would easily supplant Watkins as his 4th WR, especially if Cobb goes down with another ankle injury.

10 weeks of losses doesn’t outweigh getting 6 weeks of le’veon bell.

Is this a troll? Because if its not, this offer for LEVEON BELL is sickening.

I sincerely doubt Bell returns before week 10. And I even see a scenario where pittsburgh doesn’t start him if Conner continues to perform like he did in week 1.

There’s taking advantage to get yourself a favorable trade, and then there’s just being ridiculous. I take advantage of players in bad situations to get myself a favorable trade. But I don’t go out there proposing laughable trades because I like building an ongoing trading relationship with league mates. If I saw this as a trade in my inbox, I would never consider approaching you for trades going forward.

The fact that you tried to justify it even remotely above, is a joke. Also, why the hell would he want allison if he has Cobb? You don’t cuff WR2s and WR3s and you never start them both in your line up. This whole thing is just lols.

Also you act like his only options are to get trade raped by you or lose 10 weeks. You’re in a 10-12 man league? There’s 8-10 other people he can trade with. And your proposal doesn’t have help win any more weeks than without Bell. You’re basically proposing a trade where YOU MAY supplant his WR4. Like this is a joke.


Gotta make the playoffs for Bell to matter. It’s definitely a low ball but you’re playing the odds here. Each passing day it seems more like bell will sit 10 weeks. If you can’t make the playoffs with him on the bench then his value to you is literally nothing. The same goes for the team trading for him, so there is definitely taking advantage of a shitty situation but it’s fantasy football and if you’re in a position to make moves that help you win and it helps both teams, that’s the name of the game.

Mike got you good and i agree with every single thing he said. Flat out.

He could literally get ANYTHING better from any other owner in your league. i have no question about that. even if your league is full of tacos.

Probably true.

You dont think Ingram for weeks 5 through 16 is an improvement than Bell for weeks 11 through 16?

Also, I agree with your general assessment of the WR situation with one big exception: Aaron Rodgers.

The GB passing game has shown numerous times it can support 3 wr’s. And if your other options are Watkins or Sanu? C’mon, man!

I dont see anyone other than James Conner owners trading for Bell this early in the season.

It kinda sounds like you guys are responding from the perspective of Bell playing before week 11.

What are your thoughts on when Bell will return?

Can you explain to me how Allison and Ingram will help him get to playoffs?

He straight up said the other guy owns Cobb. I will start Cobb over Allison every single game. And there’s very little chance I start both of them. So you basically added a WR to the bench. Cool story.

There’s also the chance Bell shows up any given week and if he shows up which would help him win more than having a bench WR.

Also with Ingram, he is suspended for 4 weeks. So if anything, as a Bell owner, I am going to at least wait 4 weeks before Ingram can even start. So remind me again how does that help the Bell owner win games now? Oh it doesn’t? Cool that’s what I thought. And heres ingram’s schedule when he comes back:

Week 5: vs Skins - Maybe he does good but washington D is actually better than people think. Also, first week back, will likely get eased back into the rotation
Week 6: Bye - Can’t start a player on bye week
Week 7: @ baltimore. Great run D
Week 8: @ Minnesota - probably the top rushing D in the league
Week 9: vs Rams - Another great run D
Week 10: @Cinc - Okay run D last year. This great looks better but this might be the best matchup
Week 11: vs Phi - Might be the best run D in the league contending with Vikings
Week 12: ATL - Good match-up , would play Ingram here.

So out of all the weeks coming up, he maybe has 2 okay match-ups to play. It might be week 10 before you get any production out of ingram. On top of that, Kamara is an absolute god and is getting 80% workload. Are you confident that he won’t continue or at least get 70/30 or even just retain 60/40 like he did vs ingram at the end of last year? I sure as hell dont.

I 100% agree with this statement. Can you show me where / how this makes the Bell owners team better? I find it mind boggling. Look if you’re someone that wants to take advantage and trade rape someone, cool. It’s their own fault for not being informed. Own up to it. But don’t come on here pretending like you’re some do-gooder trying to justify your trade rape with some BS pissing on my yard, and calling it rain. It’s pathetic.


:rofl: BODIED

Nobody knows. What he is doing is not rational and I’m not going to pretend like I have any clue what I think he’ll do. But even if I knew with 100% certainty Bell is not coming back to week 10, your proposal is still laughable.

At the bare minimum, I could go to the leagues most stacked team, and trade Bell for their RB2 or WR2. An immediate starter that goes into my lineup which would be better than what your offering. Better yet, I could just go find the Conner owner. He probably gives me a low end RB1 for Bell.

While Ingram isn’t Bell, Atleast he’ll be on the field. I think he’s a top 12 back when he plays. Even missing 4 weeks he should finish as a top 15RB season long. Allison honestly wasn’t even a consideration in this trade for me, included on not makes no difference. Yeah you have to wait three weeks but I’d take Ingram over someone like Jordan Howard. So clearly that’s where our valuations differ.

I’ll take 12 weeks of Ingram over 6 of Bell. However if I’m the bell owner I’ll roll the dice that he’s not out 10 weeks and take my lumps. That’s why I said if you can get him to go for it then sure. That doesn’t mean that I would do it but to call it trade rape is excessive do to the exceptional amount of uncertainty surrounding bell. Tell me which RB 2 youd prefer to Ingram and I’ll likely tell you I prefer Ingram to them. I’ll wait. Tell me who.

Again with the baseless statements. You need to really put in some work and do some research before you start spewing out all this stuff that really isn’t supported at all. Ingram was an absolute BEAST and stud early on in the season when he was leading the back field in touches. In the first 10 weeks, he had more than 20 touches 5 times. He finished as a top 6-8 RB in like 3-4 out of those weeks.

However, from week 11 on, you want to know how many times he touched the ball 20 times or more? zero. In fact, from week 12 to week 16 and including in the playoffs, he finished as an RB1 once. And that was week 15 against the jets who suck at football and he scored 2 TDs. He never even exceeded 15 carries once after week 11. So to simply look at his season total finish as an RB1 and automatically assume he will just be an every week RB1 upon return against arguably the worst rushing schedule is naive considering most of the points Ingram scored to get that RB1 finish last year was during the first half of the season. You need to consider the situation and how it has changed. Ingram is not as efficient as Kamara so he needs the volume to make up for it. In fact, from week 13 on wards (excluding 14 where Kamara got a concussion), Kamara was the one that led that backfield in touches.

You’re just assuming that Ingram will come back and have the exact same role as before. Could it happen? Sure. But you know whats another possibility? The trend from last year continues and Kamara who is clearly an absolute stud were the term regression is meaningless continues to lead the backfield in touches. Which means Ingram is seeing 12-15 touches a week. Unless you expect him to score a TD every single week, those aren’t RB 1 numbers.

I like how you completely ignored the schedule Ingram has upon return.

Lol dude. This is just embarassing now. I get it, you don’t want to admit your wrong, but to suggest this isn’t trade rape is actually a joke. I’m wrong all the time, wrote an entire thread on these forums about how wrong I was about certain things. If you can maybe come back with some facts or evidence to counter the above, I’m open to it. But otherwise, don’t think there’s any point in discussing this further if you’re just going to keep rehashing old shit.

Guys I’d rather have than Ingram ROS: Chris Thompson, Freeman, Drake. Although I wouldn’t even give bell up for any of those guys even though they’re playing a full season.