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Attempted Trade for Bell


He got 5 Targets a game, don’t over look him. Everyone slumps but he’s better than you give him credit for. I watched him every game last year and i had both him and Kamara. Just because I don’t feel like typing 12 page novels doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about.


I wouldn’t give up Bell for any of those guys, I wouldn’t give Ingram for them either. Freeman is too injury prone at this point (assuming it’s devonta), dude hasn’t been able to stay on the field and is losing work to Coleman. Thompson probably won’t play more than like 8 games, and while he’s incredibly efficient, I’m not banking on that to keep up forever on such a small workload (12 touches per game). Drake is the most intruiging of these but I’d take Ingram he’s on a way better offense with a better offensive minded head coach and Kamara and MT to take away attention. Wouldn’t consider Drake for Bell though. Cook, Ingram, Mixon is the range I would look at, Ingram being the worst of them.


This is probably what everyone, including myself said about Kamara and Hill the entire off season. Some people are just #goodatfootball. Don’t be so stubborn you refuse to see change when it happens on the screen.

Again, seems like all you keep doing is rehashing old stuff with zero support.

No it just means you likely don’t have the numbers to support what you’re saying, or you’re too lazy to look it up. Like lot of these old dudes in the NFL who refuse to change and use “film don’t lie” as an argument for why a player is good.

Not novels, its not hard, It’s google. Try it some time.

I agree. I just listed guys that will probably help this guy win more in the upcoming weeks than Ingram would.

Yeah injury risk definitely a concern. But here’s what I do know, he’ll play at least next 3 weeks when ingram is guaranteed to not play 3 weeks.


I can 100% quote stats back and forth with you all day and dive into the analytics but it’s not worth the time. You’re basing you’re argument in this whole thread off the assumption that I think this is a fair trade. I started this entire thing off by saying something to the effect of - If you can get them to accept that trade, do it. If you’re bell owner is tilting take advantage. - I didn’t say that I would do it but if you can package a low end RB1/high end RB2 and get bell, do it. You took all of that and turned it into who’s better Bell or Ingram. And then started bringing up guys who I would never consider for Bell regardless of whether or not he sits 10 weeks.


I’ll believe when I see it…just one time…

My only position in this was that ingram + allison for Bell is trade rape. You wanted to get into how it was not trade rape because it helps both sides win. I disagreed, laid out the reasons why and you continued to argue about it. I gave you the facts, and now you’re back pedalling and blaming me for presenting my side of the facts? Pretty funny.

I was literally responding, to your question. lol?


“I was literally responding, to your question. lol?” Fair, I forgot about this, going on too many threads at once to keep them straight.


Check out the FantasyPros Podcast today. I’m not alone in thinking Ingram for Bell isn’t a bad move. Mike Tags brought up exactly that trade in a 1 for 1 saying he would too. Not saying that it’s a popular opinion but I’m definitely not alone in the valuation here.