Attempting to develop a trade based on a specific piece of advice

So I got this advice the other day about making a trade. I’m crappy and pretty hesitant to make trades, but I would like to try this strategy. Detailed below. Thoughts?

So, There’s one team that’s 3-4, and he plays both of my major competition, the 6-1 and the other 5-2 team, in the next 3 weeks. I’m pretty good at drafting, waivers, sit/starts, but damn I’m sketchy as hell at trades. If you’re willing to look, I’ll post up our rosters. He’s got a lot of players gone week 9, which is the week he plays the current 6-1 league leader. I don’t know if there’s anything I can really do to push him over the top though, but maybe he’ll jump at it anyway thinking it gives him a fighting chance. He could still make the playoffs if a few games break his way.

My roster:

His roster:

What could I offer to make him better but not blow my team up too much?

I don’t see anything to offer him. He might not need the help given Fuller and Miller had a great Thursday night

Yeah, we’re having the same thought. Nothing jumps out…

With Will Fuller expecting to have a torn ACL the other team is going to be a bit weaker at the WR position. However they have depth.

I would say your biggest weakness is TE . The other Teams largest weakness is RB. Maybe CMC for Kelce and Lindsay?

As a side note…

If your sole objective is to help another team win than that is collusion.

If you make a win-win trade that helps you and the other team that is not collusion - regardless of the outcome of future games.