Attending Away Games

I know this isn’t FANTASY football related, but I’m travelling to an away game to watch my team play (flight and hotel is already booked) and would much rather watch the game at a bar instead of actually going to the game. I’ve always felt like having to attend the game is sort of a nuisance and I love watching games on TV instead. Plus, I’m going to save myself the cost of the ticket. That’s just my preference.

Obviously, I’m going to do whatever I want but I wanted to get some other people’s opinion on this considering my friends think I’m a moron for wanting to skip out on the game.

Depends, how often do you go to games?

If the answer is anything more than once a year than no, i completely feel that haha especially depending on the weather and other factors.

However, if those are your only tix for the season and you have no plans to get any others, than yes you should absolutely go.

Never know if one of your favorite players is on the brink of retirement/cut/traded.

(I’m from NE so you kinda have to take any chance you can to see Tom while he’s still around lol)

Fully depends on the quality of your seats and what game we’re talking about, IMO

Pats at Tennessee. Decent seats will probably run you about $400-500.

I would just rather watch football at a bar instead of sit in a stadium.

I just don’t know how to sell it to my wife that I’ll be going to Nashville for the game but not actually going to the game lol

Ha yup I agree. Pats fan too. And seeing Brady in his twilight years is definitely swaying me that way. And it’ll probably be one of maybe 2 or 3 games I go to this year (but only away game).

But EVERY time I go to an away game. Going to the actual game is the lamest part. I’m torn.

I am speaking as an outside viewer of this, but a friend of mine is a huge Fins fan and has gone to a number of away games with a large gathering of fans from all over that meet up for several away games a year. He knew a couple of them from when he lived in Florida, but didn’t know the majority of them as he got up with them through a face book group. I’ve met up with them a couple of times when they have been in the area (I am close to Nashville & Atlanta) and they are a great group of fans and watch out for each other. If I was looking to go to a few away games a year then I would look into a similar situation with fans of your team. They usually have their own lot to tail gate in and there is strength in numbers when you are traveling out of town to a big city you aren’t familiar with.

Spoiled ass Patriots fans, I swear. Go to the game for God’s sake.