Attending davante's funeral next week

Do I pick up geronimo allison?

But all seriousness, hope he’s okay.

That hit was vicious, esp after he just had a TD called back after a penalty… I wouldnt go after Allison for a top waiver spot or spend much trying to get him bc he’ll more than likely be a guy who rides your bench. Lets wait and see how long Adams is out until we makes any decisions. If its a longer time like 4-6 weeks I’d def pick him up. Also pay attention to Ty. His backup could be a big pickup next week too

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Yeah im thinking if i could somehow pickup jones and williams for gb next week, I could maybe try and appeal to the montgomery owner, and offer up the backups, as well as my mccoy, and try to get his jordy nelson (he has both monty and jordy).

I like that thinking, he’ll def be more inclined to give it up so hes not double dipping. Esp after his injury. Happy hunting!

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