ATTN Lev Bell Owners

Hey Clan, I have Lev Bell and as of now I am playing the waiting game. I am curious what other Lev Bell owners are doing/have done with him. Are you holding onto him or did you decide to trade him away? If so, what was the trade? Thanks!

Waiting. But pondering what I could get for him in a trade.

Dalvin Cook owner got Conner so I’m considering to send him Bell for Cook.

I’m holding. Preparing for the worst and hoping he will be back week 10 in time for a playoff push.

Holding right now, but curious what I can get for him. Shopping around a bit just to gauge the rest of the league.

If anything, my league has a punishment for last place. I may just hold him until week 10 if it has to come down to that just so he can save my butt.

I saw somebody trade away bell for Lamar miller today.

Sent an offer, Bell for Cook. Got rejected after a little thought. I still think it is a super solid trade since he’s the Conner owner, but, gasp, well.

From somone who has felt the Miller pain… That is the best deal ever

Thanks for the answers, everyone. I almost got Saquon for Lev straight up before week 1 but the owner backed out. I pulled out a week 1 win (Thank you Chris Thompson) so I’m hoping to withstand a few more victories if Lev is out for an extended period of time.

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