Auction bidding FAAB

does anyone know how to make a FAAB system not blind bidding? i think it would be really cool to have a min auction draft every week for your free agents.

I think it would be more interesting. we’re trying something similar right now for FAs where everyone gets to nominate 2 players each week and you can openly bid on any nominated player. It’s not bad but i think we started too soon because only about half the league is actually participating at this point. We are doing it through a Facebook group because there wasn’t a way to do it on the site we’re using. But we’re going back to the regular FAAB system for the regular season so the site we’re using can handle it

thanks. there is a thing called Airtable. it is a spreadsheet based progrm that can be edited by lots of people through email forums. that might work as long as the commish (me) can do all transacions manually

Yeah I use google spreadsheet and it works well for keeping track of the budgets and players taken

But all the nominations and bidding takes place on Facebook

You could use a Google spreadsheet.

Create a table where each team only has access to two fields to nominate players. Each team could then have a sole access to an associate column where they could insert their bids for all players.

I’ve done something similar for my league where we do prop bets for the season. This allows me to have one place for everyone to enter and see each others guesses for things like Most rushing TDs, Off rookie of the year and Superbowl winner. I built it so each team can only enter data into their own fields.

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