Auction budget math help?

Ok so if you have a rankings sheet with a $200 budget and 12 teams.

But you play in a 10 team league.

How much money do you add to each player approx?? I’m sure there is a simple math formula.

So if Bell is $59 and brown is $52 in a 12 team league what are they in a 10 team league.

Thanks for the help…

I would suggest that players are going to be approx the same dollar amount. The budget is the same for both, $200 dollars. The difference between a 10 and 12 team league is the type of players at the back end.

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I agree. I think the prices are basically the same if not less as there are fewer people fighting for the same total amount of players. I will pay less knowing I can then pivot into a still deep pool of talent.

I think the middle players are where teams make the difference in smaller leagues. You definitely want studs, but one each at least is fine with solid middle players (WR2/RB2). They are where you might see higher prices.